Three Quarter Hair Piece

  • What is a three quarter hair piece?

It consists of one multi level piece consisting of weft hair that smoothly clips in.  The natural parting is still on show and blends into the hair piece to create a seamless look.

  • How is it applied?

The hair piece is attached by separating the hair and clipping the piece in.  There are 4 snap clips at the top of the piece, one either side, and two at the bottom.

It can be used to add or reduce length as the majority of the natural hair is hidden under the hair piece.

  • Why should I choose a three quarter hair piece?

A three quarter hair piece enables the wearer to have instant long or short locks.

The result is thicker than clip ins as a greater number of wefts are used, so is a good system for those with thin hair.

This hair piece may also be preferable for those who have short hair, as the ends of the hair will not be on show.

The hair piece is made of human hair so it can be straightened and curled.  Most three quarter hair pieces are made from synthetic hair.  This reduces the life of the hair piece and also looks unnatural.

  • How long is application?

The hair piece can be easily attached within 10 minutes.

  • How long do they last?

The hair pieces can last a year or even longer if maintained in the correct way.

  • How long is removal?

The hair piece can be easily removed in a few minutes, by unlocking the snap clips and sliding the hair piece out of the natural hair.

If the hair piece is taken out when the snap clips are still locked then there may be some damage to the natural hair.